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We are a digital design agency

Catalyst Marketing and Design is a design firm that offers a variety of services for all your marketing needs.  Catalyst provides promotional marketing and graphic design to create, design, and implement full scale marketing strategy and brand identity.

Catalyst manages continuity and change through fresh and innovative designs and communication strategies.  We have a unique perspective having an extensive background in corporate event planning and marketing and merging that with grassroots innovation in graphic design.  This competitive edge allows Catalyst to tap into dual markets at once where we become the all-in-one creative provider for our clients.  


What we do

We’ve spent more than 10 years shaping our services so we can help small and medium-sized businesses succeed, and we strongly believe that having a relevant and consistent digital footprint is essential. 

Digital Design

Web design + Development along with a streamlined and consistent content strategy will make your company shine!

Brand & Packaging

Comprehensive branding creates fluidity in your look and feel. It’s not enough to have a website – your brand must speak for you before you come in the door.

Print Design

Investing in beautiful print designs will elevate your business to the next level. Let us show you our stuff!

Social Media

How you engage with your audience makes a significant impact on how they engage with you. Let us be your voice and ensure you are always heard clearly.


Selected Client Work


Bakery Branding

Holiday flyer for a local bakery.


Expansion Announcement

Announcing an expansion is exciting!


Community Events

We love being part of the community.


Looking for an awesome design for your next project?